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An exciting new music project has been born after a reunion between former members of Scots group, The Silencers. It has resulted in the powerfully emotive debut album ‘Time’ from CAEZAR [Available here]

JJ Gilmour and Joe Donnelly enjoyed great success and critical acclaim during their individual stints with the band and toured with music greats such as Simple Minds, David Bowie, U2 and The Pretenders.

Despite not playing in The Silencers at the same time, Joe and JJ bonded immediately during an emotional week in Glasgow as all the ex-Silencers got together to play a sell-out gig in aid of much loved guitarist, Cha Burns who was gravely ill at the time. Sadly, Cha passed away soon afterwards.

Joe and JJ seized the opportunity and decided to start writing together in memory of their dear friend. The result of this creative collaboration is the new band, Caezar, an album of powerfully emotive material and three live dates for the duo this summer.


“The sadness and emotion we both felt at this point was so raw and there was only one way to turn this into something positive and that was to make music. Life really is too short and when the chance came up to work with another top musician, it was full steam ahead. The album was a real labour of love and we’re so proud of the new songs and we can’t wait to play them for all our fans soon.”
Joe Donnelly

CAEZAR – Full Length Biography


Caezar are Joe Donnelly and JJ Gilmour both former members of the Scottish band The Silencers.

Although all from Scotland, The Silencers formed in London and went on to sign a record deal with RCA records.

Also at the same time they signed a management deal with Bruce Findlay at Schoolhouse Management, who also managed Simple Minds at that time who were close friends of Joe Donnelly, in fact Jim Kerr, Charlie Burchill and Joe’s first band together at school were called Biba Rom, a glam rock band, influenced by Roxy Music, and David Bowie. A year later The Sex Pistols came along and changed everything, anything was possible now.

The Silencers first Album “A Letter From St Paul” was released to great critical acclaim especially in the USA, and France. The album went to number 1 in the American College chart, and the single Painted Moon (see below) entered the Billboard charts reaching the top 20. It was during this first tour of the USA that the band got to play Madison Square Gardens and the Hollywood Bowl, both iconic venues were many of the greats had played.

Returning to Europe the band toured with the great Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders. France became a successful fan base for the band during this tour, leading to Gold Albums and No 1 chart positions. The Silencers were then invited to play with U2 at Cardiff Arms Park on The Joshua Tree tour, a memorable evening in front of 80,000 people.

Next up the band were invited to play with David Bowie at the Nurburgring racetrack in front of 250,000 fans, an unforgettable gig.

The Silencers 2nd Album ‘A Blues for Buddha‘ was released and went straight to number 1 in France & Spain, receiving gold albums in both countries. To promote the album the band toured Europe and The UK with Simple Minds, gaining many new fans along the way.

It was during pre-production for the 3rd album that Joe decided to leave the band and pursue solo projects. It was also at this time that JJ joined the band and went on to have success with the 3rd and 4th Silencers albums. JJ left the band after the 4th album, and the original members all went their separate ways.

Fast forward to 2008 and with it the news that Cha Burns The Silencers guitarist is gravely ill with cancer. It is at this point that JJ decides to get in touch with all past and present members of The Silencers and organise a benefit show in Glasgow’s ABC to raise funds for Cha’s treatment. All band members reconvened in Glasgow for a memorable week of rehearsals, culminating in an even more memorable sold out show, in which Cha played his heart out. Sadly, a couple of months later, Cha passed away, however never to be forgotten.

During that week in Glasgow JJ and Joe struck up a firm friendship and realised they had a lot in common musically. They both decided to start working on demos of new songs in Ireland were JJ was staying at that time. The work went well and when JJ moved back to Scotland they continued working on new songs.

It was at this time that Joe met with Touraj Moghaddam an old family friend and owner of Vertere Acoustics a real high end turntable company.

Touraj was a huge Silencers fan and enquired if Joe was still writing songs, Joe explained what JJ and he had been working on. Touraj asked if he could hear the new songs. Joe passed them on and he loved the new material. It was at this time that Touraj was thinking of starting a new record label within his company, he asked Joe & JJ to be the first artists signed to the label, and of course Joe & JJ were happy to accept his offer.

Touraj took the songs to his friend Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios who had just half speed mastered The Rolling stones, Exile on Main St, and New Gold Dream by Simple Minds.

Miles couldn’t believe the coincidence as he had mastered a Silencers 12″ Single called Scottish Rain as a young engineer, and was a fan. So with Touraj and Miles on board the band went in to record their first album with Producer Stuart MacLeod at Beetroot Studios in Scotland. The end result is Caezar’s debut album called Time.

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